Tamil Nostalgic movies on aha

Are you on a journey to find old movies? Are you looking for movies that will hit your sweet spot of nostalgia? Then for old times’ sake, it is best that you hop on the popular and trending OTT platform aha and browse through their list of old and nostalgic movies.

A few of the most popular and best nostalgic movies that you will find on the platform are minsarakanavu, jeans, and uyire. You can watch these  Tamil movies  anytime, according to your liking.


Plot of MinsaraKanavu

The story of the movie minsarakanavu is about a girl named Priya. Priya is a friendly and easy-natured girl; however, she often finds herself in trouble. Priya has an admirer, Thomas. Knowing that Priya wanted to be a nun, Thomas took the help of his friend Deva to convince her. However, deep into the plot, it is noticed that Priya falls for Deva instead.


Plot of Jeans

The movie Jeans begins as Visu meets Madhumitha. The duo, as they meet, quickly fall in love and further plan to marry each other. However, the nuptials are in trouble as Visu’s father objects to the proposal. The old man is hell-bent on getting both twins married together.

However, the solution to it comes when Visu makes his brother meet the twin sister of Madhumitha. Although it is more complicated than it seems. There is more to the story than just a simple love story. Watch the movie to learn further.


Plot of Uyire

The story of the movie Uyire is about the life of a radio broadcaster’s intense attraction towards a mysterious lady. This attraction opens up the door for powerful and strong waves of powerful desires and emotions.

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